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i personally like to use Kifi for bookmarking but you can give this one a try
@ourielohayon I tried Kifi not long before they switched to a focus on sharing bookmarks with your team. Do you use it to collaborate or personally? The copy around the app seems so focused on team collaboration that it makes me feel like personal bookmarking doesn't belong in Kifi anymore.
@bellebcooper @ourielohayon yup. still do use it personally
@bellebcooper @ourielohayon @kifi is great for both teams/work and personal/consumer use. Just like with trello, github, dropbox, gmail and other products, the same functionality is available for both use cases. We do plan to support both personal bookmarking usage along with teams collaboration around web content. As we're adding features and improving the product we're keeping in mind both use cases.
@ourielohayon yeah, I was an one of their original users and curators and I just couldn't get into it like I do pocket. What makes this one so different?
How is this different to ?
This is a bug bearer of mine and I have been trying to find a solution for a while. Currently I use a mixture of pocket and bookmarks on safari and occasionally Evernote, but this UI seems much better. Will give this a try tonight!
Hi, it gives error when i try to add my first bookmark, ph. Chrome, Macbook 13inch, El Capitan.
@huseyinerkmen26 Sorry, we had some server issues earlier, but everything is up and running now.
Love the UI :) It’s unique and easy to digest. Keep it up!