The easiest way to accept bitcoin.

OpenNode is the most straightforward bitcoin payments stack for your business.

We offer e-commerce plugin solutions and a payments API for any developer looking to monetize any idea.

With a focus on design and using the power of the Lightning Network, we’ve enabled microtransactions for anyone daring enough to experiment with new business models.

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Yo Product hunt ✌🏾, I’m Brandon, one of the co-founders of OpenNode, and alongside me are some of the team, @arahman , @jalmeida, and @ruigomeseu . We’re happy to share OpenNode with you. This launch symbolizes eight months of having real conversations with beta users, friends, and builders. At OpenNode, we’re building the most intuitive bitcoin payments stack for your business, creative side project or weekend experiment. We combine revolutionary payments technology with a seamless experience, making it easier to monetize your ideas. With bitcoin, financial services are now open to anyone with an idea; however, bitcoin needs to be easily accessible for mass adoption. OpenNode is our attempt at bridging the gap between this technology and the rest of the world. To support your business, we’ve built a simple payments platform for those in the third, second, and first world. Our mission is to help create an inclusive future where everyday transactions are priced in BTC. To us, this is a future worth building. We are excited to share this with you today and would love to get your feedback! We’ll be around all day answering questions, so feel free to comment here or email me directly at
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@arahman @opennode @brandnanthny You guys officially launched? What is your roadmap?
1% per transaction. And then you write 2% for Bank withdrawals. Then €200.00 min withdrawal and then again min. 15.00€? So 30% fee's if you withdrawal 200€. And 2% if you withdrawal 750+€? Am i correct?
@christopherd Hello Christopher, We are currently only working with one bank, but as we onboard more partnerships we will be able to significantly drop the fees on the banking withdrawals. You can always wait until you reach 750€ threshold to minimizing the fee. You can hold € on our platform. You also have the possibility to withdraw Bitcoin for free and send to your exchange of preference.

Although I think we're still early for broader adoption, this is a critical part of the roadmap for Lightning.

Well done guys!


Brilliant product & UX


Lightning is still early.

Really like your design. Do you plan to support other currencies? How are the BTC transferred into fiat instantly and at which rate?
@luikohl Thanks for the feedback. We are looking to expand our instant exchange service to more countries. Currently we are using Wyre as our partner, so we use their rates. We are able to do instant exchanges due to the fact we are using the Lightning Network technology. With this technology, Bitcoin transfers settle instantly.
Bitcoin was made to remove 3rd party providers from the money system. OpenNode is a 3rd party providers that is taking a cut from every transaction. How does a company like OpenNode actually help with Bitcoin? Bitcoin was made to get rid of companies like OpenNode