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#5 Product of the DayJune 14, 2018

Openmind matches you with an expert mentor, who guides you 1-on-1 via unlimited text messaging to help you more quickly reach your goals — whether you’re looking to learn something new, grow your career, build a business, launch a side project, etc.

Openmind is available both on web (click "Get a mentor" on the homepage) and iOS

  • Kai Kuroda
    Kai KurodaFirst time launcher

    It's fantastic to have a mentor that's easily accessible to keep me accountable on my projects. I have nothing to say but great things.


    None really. It'd be great if students could collaborate with other students doing similar projects.

    I've been an Openmind mentee for almost 6 months now and it's been an awesome experience. I highly recommend and it's been worth every dollar I've spent. I've learned more than I could ever have alone.

    Kai Kuroda has used this product for one year.
  • Amin
    AminA little too much into gadgets

    Idea is great, price is reasonable, many different options to choose from


    Mentors don't seem to have an accountability in terms of response time, platform is too basic and doesn't have account mgmt or billing

    I used the product for close to a month. The idea is brilliant and the support is quick to react.

    In my case, the mentor wouldn't respond often. When I asked for my subscription to cancel, it was cancelled immediately (even though I paid for until end of the month) and no refunds were given because "as we've already paid your mentor for the first month". I think mentors lack incentive to perform well.

    I am still a fan of the platform and I think with some modification it could become much better.

    Amin has used this product for one month.
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Max Deutsch
Max DeutschMaker@_maxdeutsch
Hey Product Hunt! Excited to be launching Openmind today. Would love to hear your feedback. Here's the full story about the project, if you're interested: And here's the quick version... Openmind matches you with an expert mentor, who guides you 1-on-1 via unlimited text messaging to help you more quickly reach your goals — whether you’re looking to learn something new, grow your career, build a business, launch a side project, etc. There are currently 400+ expert mentors on the Openmind platform, who work at places like Google, NASA, and Airbnb, have built and sold multi-million dollar businesses, and have studied at the world’s top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Princeton. Currently, we offer mentors for the following categories: Entrepreneurship, app development, UI/UX design, machine learning, data science, digital marketing, web development, music production, product management, photography, sales, mathematics, intro to coding, film production, business strategy, economics, finance, ethereum development, foreign languages, art, and graphic design. We're adding new mentors and categories every week, so if there's isn't a mentor for you right now, there should be soon... The idea for Openmind came after I personally mentored ~60 students via text message in the past year. The text-based mentoring was surprisingly successful, but not very scalable, so I figured I'd build a platform that would enable world-class mentors and students to connect. The aspirational goal is to catalogue the expertise of everyone in the world, and build tools that make it easy for this expertise to be discovered and shared. But, one step at a time... Let me know if you have any questions!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@maxdeutsch @_maxdeutsch Could you tell us a bit more about the business model? How do you compensate mentors and where do you make money? Thanks
Max Deutsch
Max DeutschMaker@_maxdeutsch
@maxdeutsch @abadesi Hey Abadesi - Students pay a subscription of $29/week for unlimited messaging with their mentor, of which ~80% is paid out to mentors. To put this in perspective, a typical one hour tutoring or personal training session once a week usually cost $50-100, so we think this price is really competitive. We continue to build tools for mentors to help them be more effective and efficient at scale.
Lauren Mendoza
Lauren Mendoza@laurenmendoza · software engineer
I've been a mentor on Openmind for a couple months now and it's going really well. I had been following Max's projects online for a while, and this idea is very needed, especially among people new to coding or in the start of their learning-to-code journey. I wish there was this app when I was starting out! I spend a few minutes a day, getting my mentee unstuck in their learning, and keeping them accountable to their goals. It feels really good to support another person's learning, and nice to get that extra $100 a month :)
Max Deutsch
Max DeutschMaker@_maxdeutsch
@laurenmendoza Thanks for the support and awesome mentoring, Lauren!
Ollie McQuitty
Ollie McQuitty@olliemcquitty · MD of Visualizar
Great job @ransegall on the design 👏
Max Deutsch
Max DeutschMaker@_maxdeutsch
@ransegall @olliemcquitty Agreed. It was great collaborating with Ran
shashank harwalkar
shashank harwalkar@i_shank · Created
This is a great concept! It forces a person to maintain a bit of discipline in learning new things and also, by having mentors, it saves your time which would otherwise be wasted on looking for right resources to read.
Max Deutsch
Max DeutschMaker@_maxdeutsch
@i_shank Thanks, Shashank! We agree - we've seen the discipline/accountability make a huge difference for students
Andre Farinazo
Andre Farinazo@andre_farinazo · Co-Founder at Virra Marketing
This is an awesome idea Max! One-on-One mentoring is one of the best ways to learn a new skill.
Max Deutsch
Max DeutschMaker@_maxdeutsch
@andre_farinazo Thanks, Andre! Really appreciate the support