Spot outliers in crypto with confidence 🤑

OpenMarketCap spots outliers in the cryptocurrency market. We add context to the numbers to help you track with confidence.

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Hi everyone - We built a crypto tracker and we’re excited to share with ProductHunt. OpenMarketCap (OMC) is a cryptocurrency tracker that spots outliers. Most people accept the prices of tokens they see on sites as truth. In practice, a lot of stats around circulating supply, market cap, ranking, etc. depend on your source. Exchanges can be hacked or frozen, affecting prices within the market and across aggregator sites. New coins get introduced on a daily basis, yet low trading volume makes prices unstable. Manipulating the price of any token is easier than you may think. We built OMC to highlight these outliers. Here’s what you’ll find: ⚖️ Compare prices across trackers: We pull in prices across trackers so you get a more complete picture. ☀️ Spot outliers: We call out pricing outliers, low volume, and malfunctioning exchanges. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Decentralized and open-sourced: More to share on this front shortly. Our goal is not be an editor for the crypto market. We want to build the tools to let users manage OMC. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!
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@yinyinwu The minimalist design makes it really easy to absorb the main data points - I really like it. It's also great how you have 'feature requests' as an item on your homepage menu, more websites should do that.
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As a designer, who appreciates simple, clean, compact layouts, I really like the website–I'm getting more at-a-glance information in one view. It's also really surprising that a lot of the other crypto trackers do not visually de-emphasize cryptocurrencies with low trading volumes... that just makes a lot of sense to do.
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@yjheo most other trackers are designed to appeal to speculators and there are more than enough features to build there. For OMC, we are designing to consistently enhance the trust people have in this market, which is starting at a much more fundamental level than the other trackers. We may not have all the features yet but I think you can see where we are trying to go with some of the design decisions you pointed out.
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Awesome team and product!


Waay more transparent than CoinMarketCap


Need to make up a lot of ground to take mindshare from CMC

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Transparent prices is a big win for the crypto ecosystem


Open, transparent


Have to fight CMC muscle memory

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OpenMarketCap introduces much needed transparency around price and volume data. Excited to see this project grow!
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