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Sunny SharmaHunter@sunny_sharma1 · Entrepreneur
Hey PH, We have launched a search engine for open source projects. Here you can explore millions of projects as per your need. This product is mainly for developers and open source community. Currently it is just a search engine. We need your valuable suggestions and advice to expand this product as per community need. Link: PH: Thanks, OpenKube Team
Kovah@kovah_kvh · Project Leader of InvoicePlane
So, basically a new interface for the search but without any filter options and without further information about each project such as programming language, stars, contributors,...?
kσssαє@kossae · Web Developer
@kovah_kvh don’t forget name confusion with Kubernetes! I totally thought this was a project involving the container orchestration system.
Sunny SharmaHunter@sunny_sharma1 · Entrepreneur
@kovah_kvh Currently the project is in pilot stage. We just allowed our crawlers to crawl the github. After validating the product from the market, we will release our universal crawlers which will crawl every possible Opemsource projects available on the internet. It is not a new interface of github, it is the search engine for open source projects.