The easiest way to sell your home (pre-launch)

This is not available yet. Doesn't seem like we should be talking about products until they are actually available? @rrhoover?
@davemorin we're trying to find the right balance. Some people want to discover and signup for pre-launch products if it's something notable like Foursquare's Swarm; however, that's subjective. We're revising the FAQ now to clarify what's encouraged and will be labeling launched vs. pre-launch products to set peoples' expectations before clicking through. In this particular case, they don't provide much information at all or even a form to subscribe via email for updates, which seems odd.
@rrhoover @davemorin It's tough to find the balance as a PH user too. I've purposefully not posted pre-launch startups before, only to have someone else "beat me to punch". For Opendoor, if I didn't post it, my guess is somebody else would have. In this case, I used the Techcrunch post as a guide - while they don't have a product to speak of yet, there might be some interesting discussion from the PH community on how they've structured fund raising for example.
@rrhoover yeah this doesn't seem a great fit for producthunt as the site just has like a 2 sentence description and no signup form even
@_jacksmith @rrhoover That's one more sentence than Reserve ;) - What can I say, I agree there's not much (that's why I added the TC post too) but PH has created a monster. Always trying to be f1rst! For future violations: