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OpenCNAM was created by observing pain points that communications providers experience with other CNAM and Caller ID providers. The team at Telo has become solely focused on offering a better product, a better experience, and a solution that is easy to implement for any company that provides communications services.

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OpenCNAM (Open Caller ID Name) has expanded existing capability from domestic coverage to international coverage of 229 countries - no other existing caller ID can do this. Here are just a few of the exclusive, unique features that OpenCNAM has improved upon over existing caller ID solutions: - International Caller ID coverage across 229 countries - 87% coverage of North American phones using the NANP dialing plan - 57% coverage of phone numbers outside of North America (as opposed to competitors at 0%) - Caller ID Name data for 4.5 Billion phone lines (as opposed to competitors at 204 million) - Toll-free number coverage - Self-learning routing algorithms
@nikkielizdemere do they source from public records?
@chrismessina Maybe @chrisbrunner will jump in the conversation and let you know. :)
@chrismessina @nikkielizdemere Hi Chris, while we do utilize public records sometimes in our EveryoneAPI product, it is not a primary source for OpenCNAM. OpenCNAM uses carrier (phone company) supplied data first, and if our Plus service level is enabled, several dozen sources are utilized until a result is found. If you shoot me an email at, I'd be happy to get on the phone and discuss this in more detail with you.
@chrisbrunner thanks. I was just curious. Have you inked deals with the carriers individually or do they offer open APIs? I'm just curious how you're able to get this information, how accurate it is, and what control the phone number owners have over the release of their information.
@chrismessina Chris, we acquire all of our data through contractual relationships. Before we came about, there was no open API for retrieving this information, which is precisely why we built OpenCNAM. The data is extremely accurate, since it comes from telephone companies, and consumers have full control over whether or not their information is displayed. Some carriers offer a toggle in their customer portal and for the others, a quick phone call to 611 can be made to have your outbound Caller ID enabled or disabled.
Really powerful - are you guys licensing this out?
@samir_doshi Yes. Shoot me an email if you'd like to discuss.
@chrisbrunner @telo for sure will do --- let me save your info and I'll let you know when and what... thanks! all the best
Today there's over 70 SMS APIs. I imagine there will be a similar number of these types of caller ID APIs soon. ;) Looking forward to commoditization/cheaper versions of this. WHen I call support, they'll know exactly who I am.