OpenCage Geocoder

An API to convert coordinates to and from places.

OpenCage Geocoder is an API for geocoding. We offer forward and reverse geocoding, built on open data (OpenStreetMap, but also others). Global coverage, SDKs for over 20 programming languages, a generous free-trial. Very affordable, predictable pricing for those who need more (with soft-limits, not pay-as-you-go). Since 2013.

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I've know about this API for quite some time but haven't really used it yet. However, I got seriously annoyed at Google Maps API today and it's conditions (like that you can only use their data with Google Maps and not Stamen or Mapbox, and that you can't cache requests). OpenCage Geocoder, on the other hand, allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with the data, as long as you credit OpenStreetMap, and lets you cache the data for however long you want (which is really convenient because their free plan allows for only 2,500 free requests per day). Best of all, OpenCage Geocoder has a dead-simple Terms of Service: Enjoy!
We can't use the Google Maps API behind our paywall and OpenStreetMap isn't always reliable at geocoding partial addresses – or full postcodes – but Geocoder from OpenCafe allows us to place markers for a street name and post town. Proving very useful for us.