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#5 Product of the DayDecember 11, 2013
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great product
I've been following Openbeta since the beginning. I really like what @lexilewtan and the Betawork team are building. Side note: I discovered Sense through an Openbeta email, clicked on the link to download the app, and a day later received an email asking me to participate in a survey (screenshot: ). Super smart! Also, the animated GIFs in emails are AWESOME.
hi hi i'm lexi, and I run Openbeta at betaworks! AMA
hi @lexilewtan what's the long term strategy for betaworks? what does it mean to be a evangelist at betaworks? is betaworks going to expand out of the east coast?
hey kevin - those are good questions! betaworks is not planning on expanding out of nyc, and our long term strategy is to build great products. as an evangelist, I work across all of our products before launch time, and come up with ways to better support their needs through the betaworks community and untapped resources. for more specifics, feel free to email me!