Decentralized marketplace using Bitcoin


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The press release went out yesterday on their blog and OpenBazaar is LIVE πŸ”₯ This new model of commerce is not controlled by a company. Allowing peer-to-peer trading with no fees. A little background on funding: In 2015, the OpenBazaar core-developers received funding from Union Square Ventures, Andreessen-Horowitz, and angel investor William Mougayar to form a company, enabling full-time development of the protocol and software. The company, named β€˜OB1’, will continue releasing improved versions of the software over the coming months, and will begin offering services to users on the network.
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I have been watching this develop over the last few years. Great to see it live. Well done to everyone involved. πŸ‘
Awesome! These guys are have a real chance of completely reinventing commerce on the web. Gonna be interesting to see which verticals they focus on first (given historical bitcoin marketplace verticals)..
@flypostboy the idea at first will be to focus on users who need Bitcoin the most and so we are likely to see it grow in places where banking is bad, incumbent marketplaces are restricted or in goods and services that are unique and not so mainstream. We also plan to focus on attracting digital goods merchants heavily. Thanks for the kind words.
@aainslie I'm sure there will be several businesses offering this shortly
This could well be Bitcoin's killer app. Congrats to the @openbazaar team.
This will change everything... Look forward to future enhancements.