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Openbase helps developers choose the right open-source package every time - through user reviews, categorization, side-by-side comparison, and unparalleled insights about packages' popularity, reliability, activity and more.
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Hello Product Hunt! 😻 After months of hard work, we are very excited to introduce you to Openbase! helps developers choose the right open-source package every time - through user reviews and unparalleled insights about package popularity, reliability, activity and more. I started Openbase out of my own frustration: there are 1.3 million JavaScript packages out there, and I found myself spending an increasing amount of time researching and evaluating packages every time I wanted to accomplish a task - implementing an autocomplete, showing a tooltip, or sending an HTTP request. We’ve built Openbase so it can help you choose the right package with: ⭐ Reviews - any developer can rate and review packages based on their experience, and we’ve even thrown in some badges (e.g. Great Documentation, Performant, etc.) Check it out: 📊 Insights - we offer useful insights to help you compare packages, such as star count over time, commit frequency, time between versions, average time to resolve issues and PRs, percent of commits by the community, as well as information about dependencies, contributors and more. See here: 📂 Categories - we’ve organized packages into categories, so you can visit a category page like React Autocomplete Libraries or Node HTTP Request Libraries to discover and compare packages within that category. e.g. We’d love to hear your feedback about Openbase, and in particular how we can improve the reviews feature. We are here to answer your questions!
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My first thought was "Is this really needed" but after a single search I realized that you have done an excellent job on this. I was just looking for a package earlier today and wasted 2 hours reviewing the options. After a search on your site, I got a bunch new options that I hadn't even considered before. Bookmarked, and I'll be using this often. Thanks!
@titusdecali Thank you for the kind words Titus. This product was created out of our own pain - spending hours comparing different libraries just like you mentioned. Funnily, we've even used Openbase many times while building Openbase. We're really glad you like it! Let us know if there are any additional capabilities you'd like to see.
@liorgrossman I'm curious how the search results are sorted. I would prefer seeing the listings by stars, or have a results page that allows me to sort options on my own rather than going directly to the detail page of each directly.
@titusdecali Currently we use npms to power our autosuggest with some modifications. We do have a search results page on our pipeline, where you can see a nice bunch of insights for each package (rating, stars, downloads, commit history). In addition, we want to combining the concept of categories (e.g. Tooltip, or Logger) into our search results.
Great job and sleek design! 👌 Bookmarked 🌟
@bntzio Thanks! Keep checking in, we have a lot of exciting features planned and we are updating rapidly!
Thanks - much appreciated Enrique! (cc @gil_finkelstein1)
@bntzio Thank you very much, really appreciate it :) I'm always open to listen to our users, and make better choices in matter of UI and UX. So if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at
Congrats on the launch, it's a great product! Loved reading about your design process.
@leandro8209 I have to say, working with @gil_finkelstein1 has been a pleasure. His work is top-notch!
@leandro8209 Thank you Leandro :)
Thank you for the kind words @leandro8209
This is just awesome!!
@youngjae_ji You're awesome :)
@youngjae_ji Glad you love it!