Send smart push notifications with device-side decisions

OpenBack® is the only Mobile Engagement Platform with Smart Notifications and Device-side Decisions – guaranteed to reach every user every time. Compose feature-rich notifications that drive action and get results.

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Hi Hunters, Thrilled that OpenBack is on Product Hunt - special thanks to @stevepyoung for hunting us! We started this journey after experiencing first hand how problematic and unreliable push notifications can be, especially when trying to use them properly at another b2c app,, which I co-founded over 10 years back that has millions of users - we would send out a push and half the team wouldn’t even get them, never mind our customers - we couldn't believe it! We started building out the OpenBack platform to solve this, and believing that push notifications have become the primary interface for mobile devices, driving what people do first on their phones. We knew there would be a better way to do notifications and we quickly realized that each mobile app, beside each user, should manage and control the delivery and ongoing management of notifications in a personalize and scalable way – which is why we ended up building a platform and set of SDK’s that let the app on each phone control and track each delivering – a remote version of local notifications. OpenBack's unique delivery sends feature-rich messages that get results. Send your app users a compelling notification when it's in the evening (using real-time local device time), they arrive home (using machine learning), connected to wi-fi but only after they next unlock their phone. This is most-likely a great time to recapture their interest without annoying them. On-top of the core innovation of Smart Push Notifications and Device-side decisions, that platform also includes: · 40+ User-centric delivery moment triggers · Full Metrics & Analytics – link a goal to a push! · In-App Messaging · Customizable App Inbox · Advanced Deep Links · API Endpoints OpenBack helps to solve common engagement and retention pain points with: · Guaranteed 100% notification delivery · Compose rich, engaging, interactive notifications delivered at the perfect moment using device-side decisions · Secure and compliant solution for apps that care about GDPR, COPPA and HIPAA compliance We're very excited to hear your feedback and thoughts on our newly launched product and have some game-changing plans for the future of mobile app notifications. I'm available to answer any questions you might have or to do a quick walk through new account sign-ups. We also want to share a simple tool from us here at OpenBack, where you can input 3 data points around the push notifications you send out today (or plan to send out) and immediately calculate the expected ROI gains that you should make each month: All of our packages come free with access to our OpenBack Companion Apps for Android and iOS. Use the app to test your messages instantly on your own device first and monitor your notification metrics anytime, anywhere. · · As a special Product Hunt offer, we're giving away 2-months free for a limited time for any Product Hunter who signs up this month and mentions this launch.
Easy to setup on your mobile app using the OpenBack Android and iOS SDKs. User-friendly dashboard makes it easy to create and customise smart notifications! I would recommend. 😃

Keep it up!


- Takes the pain our of setting up and managing feature-rich push notifications - Excellent analytics


- The pain of transitioning, but 100% worth it

Keep up the good work!


Really easy to use and no extra notifications and I don't need!


So far so good!

Does Smart notifications needs the application to be opened?
Hi @freyskeyd, not at all, the app just needs to be installed on the ios/android device for all capabilities to be available