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Bryan (BJ) Hoffpauir
Bryan (BJ) Hoffpauir@beejhuff · eCommerce Vet DevOps Hero InfoSec Champ
Seems odd that in the graphic here you left out the single largest open source platform for ecommerce, the one that processes roughly 25% of all global ecommerce transactions (and beats all of the proprietary platforms in transaction volume...) Magento - I know that you're at Divante, Tomek so I clicked through on the link and discovered you did mention Magento in the longer list...I just found the ordering and prioritization of both the summary graphic here and the full list odd given the relative importance of Magento in the ecosystem.
Tomek Karwatka
Tomek KarwatkaMaker@tomik99 · CEO,
@beejhuff I get what you mean. Right