Open Road

The one app for driving

Looking forward to trying it out :-) When is it ready?
@danielkempe is it ready? Go to the app store link...
very smart. have been thinking about building one myself. Siri in the car is unsusable
@ourielohayon Let us know what you think!
Ah, good to see the release of Open Road! Been looking forward to this for some time now. @lisbakke, any plans for implementing landscape mode? And where can I file a bug?
@t55 Hey! We hope you enjoy it. We have plans for landscape mode for iPad because we think that would absolutely awesome for people to use iPads mounted in the car. For iPhone we are going to keep our eyes out and see if that's a big request by users and go from there.
@t55 I'd also like to hear about what you'd want out of a landscape mode. What do you like about landscape vs. portrait, and what are some examples of things you'd like to see in a landscape (or any apps that do it well)?
@lisbakke Well, the main thing is: I use my navigation app (Sygic) in landscape mode, so I prefer not to turn my iPhone in portrait mode just to select a different playlist or music track. I can swipe 'up and down' of course instead of the using 'left and right', but a landscape view with the artist(s) and playlists would be preferable....
Love how you guys have designed the interaction around making everything single-tap. Great user experience. Congrats on the launch!
@pddro Thanks, Pedro!
Couldn't you technically do this all hands-free with using the "Hey, Siri" function? @lisbakke
@bentossell You can control music, maps, calling and other functions with Siri. But you can't get a unified interface with navigation+music controls with gesture controls, which are a lot easier to use than voice commands, especially in the car with music playing. I think that if Siri could fully replace an in car experience like Open Road then Apple wouldn't be pushing CarPlay. The other thing is that you want quick access to functions in the car. In Open Road you can begin navigation & start your favorite playlist in under 5 seconds. When you're starting your drive it's easier & faster to tap these shortcuts in Open Road than it is to use Siri, especially when you're trying to play something like Röyksopp.