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What happens if someone posts Product Hunt to Open Hunt? 😳
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@jsneedles @rrhoover evidently twice, there doesn't appear to be dupe checking.
@jsneedles @rrhoover and evidently mine can't be opened or voted upon bc it was posted after the other... also I provided feedback, did you get it? It said it'd go to the maker of the product. @jacquescrocker - how does Ryan get my feedback?
@rrhoover The real question is: What if Product Hunt gets more upvotes on their platform, than Open Hunt?
@jsneedles what do you mean not the biggest cat fans? You heart-eye cat emoji at me all the time
Gatekeepers ha ha. If you have a great product, it will be on PH. The community here is awesome, but like any community you need to engage with it.. Product Hunt is a curated list of the best products available. A list of everything just isn't helpful...
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@danielkempe I concur. One improvement for this type of open submission could be adding categories/collections/tagging so that everything's not in one big bucket.
@danielkempe I disagree, PH is littered with Wordpress themes, incremental updates to old stuf and other assorted not-product stuff like movies, shows and so must stretch his imagination to call it all product
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@danielkempe completely disagree (with all due respect). There is an insider aspect to PH that is known and documented. Aside from "great" being a subjective term, a product will usually only make the PH top list if submitted by a curator/insider/gatekeeper (whatever term you prefer). Products submitted to upcoming by the general community rarely make it to the top (great or not).
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@callmeed @danielkempe Erik, I think that "known and documented" is an odd term to use for Product Hunt's curation process. It's been a while since I checked the FAQ, so I'm not sure if it's in there, but I've heard the process discussed in numerous podcasts and interviews of the team, so it's not like there's a skeleton in the closet. That being said, I hear you on the "insider" aspect. The invitation process could easily lead to cronyism, or to power-pandering invites. However, I have been very impressed by Product Hunt's consistent attempts to give voice to underrepresented groups in the tech world. For example, early on, they reached out to me and gave me five invitations, asking that I please give them out to women who would become great members of the community. (Note: I'm not the best curator, I think only 2/5 are active. 😅 But that gave me a strong appreciation for how hard it is to do this sort of thing.) I'm not saying I'm against greater openness, but I do have faith in the team to adjust over time. And if anyone needs a reminder of what happens when there isn't curation, one needs only to looks at the screaming/crying/weird sexual advances that occurred during the Kevin Jonas AMA. (most of which were extremely cute, but some bordered on creepy)
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@kikischirr thanks for the reply. I was referring more to posts than users and invites ... my comment was in the context of @danielkempe's statement that "If you have a great product, it will be on PH"–it's simply not true in a curated environment where only a handful of people can post to the front page. Just like there are great iOS apps that may never get featured by Apple in the App Store, the same applies here. Take a look at these two links if you haven't already: Look, I really like PH and have found valuable products there. I also understand that "you can't please all the people all the time." But good things can go bad if growth isn't handled properly.
I love PH and all but I gotta be honest...I do miss the simplicity of just the list. Interesting to see how this turns out...
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@danielrakh you can use the toy @jsneedles just built :-)
@nivo0o0 @danielrakh that's pretty neat. Thanks for the heads up : )
@danielrakh I agree, the iOS update has greatly reduced my PH usage.
Good luck! I think people forget that Product Hunt is not an overnight sensation it took a lot of time and effort to get here. What people see as conspiracy and exclusion is just evolution of the platform and community that you see today.
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@jacquescrocker if you agree, then what's your core motivation or differentiator?
@chrismessina @mubashariqbal Copying and pasting this from their About page ( > Differences between Open Hunt and Product Hunt - Open and Transparent - Get Feedback on your product - Audit Trail - Community Governance - Karma System (proposed) - Queuing System (proposed) In short, I think the goal is to borrow some elements that have worked on Reddit, make the code open source, and let the community drive the product roadmap directly.
I mean, part of the appeal of Product Hunt is that because it's curated, you don't have to wade through a billion submissions every day. This is like the 'new' section of reddit vs the 'hot' section of reddit.
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@bryantpeng agreed! Open Hunt is meant as an alternative -- not a replacement. we hope it'll eventually carve out a place where it's useful to some people
@bryantpeng Except it's EXACTLY like the 'hot' section of Reddit - because it does rank by upvotes in addition to submission time. Product Hunt, by contrast, is less like Reddit due to the restricted posting.
@bryantpeng product hunt's featured list is not like the hot section of Reddit. It is a special list hand selected by human moderators. The hot list on Reddit is just sorted by a scoring algorithm.
@dan_e_gray @patrickjbradley @bryantpeng Sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean the 'hot' section of reddit in terms of having the same mechanism. Talking about post quality, quantity, etc. Obviously we can go into semantics all day ("Reddit's quantity is infinite so this analogy isn't 100% accurate!") but you get the general idea.