Open Feedback

Open source speaker feedbacks for meetup/conferences/summit

OpenFeedback is an open source SaaS to facilitate gathering attendees feedback. Attendees anonymously give feedback on talks with a one click anonymous vote. The OpenFeedback admin allow you to add/edit talks & speakers, moderate user comment and much more.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
OpenFeedback started as a small project for a french tech conferences and is now used for meetups and other conferences in France. It is very early but already have a lot of features making it a great choice for online event right now. Every feedback on it is welcome, either here or on github. Let me know what you think of it.
User feedback for events and especially for speakers, who usually don't receive much real feedback after a speech. Love the concept! Great job @hugo_gresse !
@stephane_lucon Thanks Stéphane! ❤️
We've used this tool for one year for regular meetups and a big conference - Devfest Nantes (2000+ attendees with 80+ speakers) and it's very smooth and useful to improve the speaker talk and... get feedbacks! 😊
@jlandure Thanks Julien, you've been an very early supported and I'm very grateful ❤