Open Directory

Earn money while organizing the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain

Open Directory is a new open source way for anyone to organize the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain and earn money.
It's a reimagination of DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Awesome Lists and Reddit—and adds the ability for everyone involved in content creation to earn money.
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Hey Product Hunt! Open Directory is a new project I've been working on top help people earn money while organizing the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain. The coolest feature is the person who submitted the link gets paid, and so does the person managing the category. What's amazing is if the original link was uploaded to Bitcoin—even the original content creator gets paid. There's a lot more, like being able to easily fork away and everything is open source. Let me know what you think!
I am excited that Open Directory makes it so easy for creators of quality content to be rewarded. With some UX polish and a few additional social features, this could become an impressive offering.