Open Dialogue

Overcome stress and cultivate self-knowledge

Open Dialogue is an artificially intelligent (A.I.) self-help program.

As you talk with the program, you develop greater self awareness and the ability to address your challenges and opportunities more productively.

The program will never tell you what to do. Instead, it creates an environment where you can discover these answers for yourself.

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Gernot ReiberGrowth- and Tech-Enthusiast

The dialog has a bit of natural feeling, but at some points the bot lacks of getting the right content and then the talk will loose value. Then it is hard to get back into the context. I'm happy to test it again, if you've learned more training sessions into your bot


pretty nice idea


not really helpful in contact of reducing stress.


I've only used it one day, but great experience so far! The program helped me to slow my thinking down a little, and call attention to different aspects of the situation I was struggling with. It eventually leaded me uncovering a breakthrough in an important relationship. After a 40-45 minutes of dialogue, I was seeing the situation from a totally different perspective and it was very powerful.


- Great idea - Accessible 24/7 - Very simple/easy to use


The program will sometimes make you rephrase your thought. But rephrasing can be good to understand better your own situation.

Ed Blunderfield
Founder, Open Dialogue
Hi everyone. My name is Ed Blunderfield and I am the co-creator of Open Dialogue. Open Dialogue is a chat-bot based, artificially intelligent program for exploring your stress factors and gaining self-knowledge Some examples of the topics people explore with Open Dialogue are work and career-related stress, difficulties arising from relationships, stress as a result of loss or health problems, and many other personal situations. The goal of working with Open Dialogue is to reduce stress and cultivate greater self-awareness. If you’re interested in trying it, you can sign up for a free trial from the website. I welcome any feedback, questions and ideas from you! I sincerely wish you the best on your personal development journey.