Open Cult

A place for people with common interests to meet IRL.

Ridiculously minimal, open source, alternative.

After the latest redesign feels a bit clunky; somehow less usable. I really like the idea of Meetup though, so I thought to take a stab at creating an alternative. It will probably not meet most people’s aesthetic principles, as it is a bit eccentric, but do see for yourself!

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Ryan HaberAPI Ambassador, Blackboard Inc.
I like to encourage anything that uses the Internet to bring people together in real life or for real causes. +1
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Theodore Keloglou
Software Engineer
Hello PH!, although a great platform which brings huge value to people, recently renewed its design. I wasn't a fan of the change, so I thought to take a stab at creating an alternative. It's crazy minimal, and a bit eccentric, but do check it out! I wanted to play a bit with the idea of meetup groups, so I named them "cults". Each cult has a leader (i.e. the organizer), the members, and a "doctrine". This is essentially the common interest of the group. It can be Photography or the Python programming language, or anything that could unite people under a common title-umbrella. The design is inspired by YC Hacker News; minimal, efficient, and text-only. The core of Open Cult revolves around two primary things: 1. Discover cults (i.e. groups united around a common interest) in your city, or in a city that you will visit for a few days, and become a member. 2. Send an email notification to the cult members when a new event is organized by the group leader, so they can attend the event. Open Cult is open source, so feel free to check it out from within, if you work with code: Also, I published a Medium article with the full story and some info if you're insterested in that: Check it out at and feel free to voice your thoughts with a comment!
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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@sirodoht love the minimalist style and color schemes but still making my mind up about the name 🙃 excited to watch it grow
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Lui Kohl

I really like the style you went for. It's fast and usable. I would continue to iterate and add a few more features to make it more usable. For eg. add location and see events in your city.


- Simple, functional

- Attractive brutalist design

- No signup required

- Fast


- No obvious possibility to look at nearby events

- No users/events

- Unclear what happens when my sign in token runs out

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