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Wooow so proud to be hunted!! thanks Chris @myeggnoodles ! My name is Chema and I am one of the founders of Open Classifieds a Free Open Source software to create your classifieds site. Let me tell you a bit about our history. I started Open Classifieds in 2009 after I wanted to launch my own classifieds site for the city where I was living. I couldn't find any proper software to do the job so I decided to code it myself and learn a new technology. After releasing the software as FOSS, I got a huge amount of mentions, invitations to events and loads of downloads over the years! We currently have more than 6,000 live sites running our software ;) (that we know of). In 2012 I decided to leave my well paid job as CTO and start my company in the UK and bring Open Classifieds to the next level by selling paid products. Now Open Classifies is a well established company, based in Barcelona, with 8 employees from different countries. We continue to improve our product and help thousands of site owners to achieve their goals. There's plenty of room for improvement and we work literally day and night to make our product better and better. If you have any questions or suggestions I am more than happy to answer them ;) Gracias!
Thanks for the Hunt! @myeggnoodles I am Marco and CEO of Open Classifieds. With Open Classifieds everyone can make a free classifieds website, real estate site or job board in only a few minutes time. We've been working really hard to develop this platform over the last few months. If you have any questions AMA ;)