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Leave a video for when you’re not around anymore

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Hi all, thank you and great to be on PH. Let's kick off with a brief intro and we love to answer all your questions plus receive your valuable feedback! Nowadays the number of replies and likes on flattered and egocentric social media messages seem more important than they’ve ever been. Almost everything is about I-and-now, whereas people forget to think about how people they care about, will remember them once they passed away. Our idea of Open at the Close emerged when Bart, one of the founders, flew 6 miles high and asked himself the question: what if we crash now? Even though he couldn’t change anything about the situation, he did want to record everything that was happening for the next 30 seconds with the push of a single button. With OATC we are developing an unselfish app that enables you to record the most beautiful moments in life and share them with the people you love. Especially when you are not able to share them yourself anymore. We hope you like the idea and are looking forward to your feedback so we can further improve the app and make sure no one ever has to say "I wish I had" nor "I wish I knew" anymore.
Interesting idea although I'm not really sure when I'm not around anymore? 🤔
Thank you @bramk, luckily (or unfortunately) most of us won't know this! It could be anytime, the one thing we know for sure is that you want to assure that if something unfortunate happens, you'd like to be able to tell your loved ones how much they meant to you or leave a happy memory behind.
Nice idea! Stewardesses before the flight will tell: "while we are preparing for the flight, install the application”.
@perpetuous for the anxiety flyers it might be a bit too much: think about your last moment because it might come sooner than you think. But well yes maybe pre-boarding at the gate could be a useful idea.
A sad but very touching app. Not sure it would be a good idea to receive something like this when only a few days passed from the person - well, ceasing to be here, but in several months maybe it would definitely come as incredibly heartwarming. Can you only record one video to share this way, or can you have a few stored?
@alina_karnaukh thank you for your feedback! One of the strengths of the app in our opinion is that, once someone you loved unfortunately passed away, you can access his or her vault anytime you want. That is, if you have been granted access to it and the pre-defined timer has expired (in case a timer was set). For some people, that is immediate, for others it requires some time to mourn. The concept and at the same time the beauty of it is that you have something to look forward to and remember someone by. For now, we focused on recording only one video and with recording another one, the previous one will be overwritten. This way you are focused on the recording of that one special moment. However, we are looking at the development of a diary function, so you can record multiple videos and maybe select one to be that special moment. How would you like to use it best?
@rogierwilmink It is good that you can personally determine when the access to the vault is granted. Actually, it would be great to have several videos at once. I would prefer having a different video for some of the people - as there are different things you might want to say to each of your loved ones. And that is what would make each video even more special and precious, as it can be personalized. Also, it would be cool (I don't know if your app can do it so far or not) if you could compile the video of several bits recorded at a different time.
@alina_karnaukh Good point! We put the following on our investigation list: - (Multiple) personalized videos per guardian - Timeline recording consisting of different bits of video and made into one overview The latter is not possible (yet) by the way, but thanks for the feedback!
Snapchat - death version! lol, basically snapchat memories but automatically backed up to the cloud, i can see use in the functionality even while I'm still alive!
@itscoreyb we do too :) our core development idea is that it's most useful when someone passed away due to the vault functionality. However with the freshly added app 2 app function it brings it to another social level, also applicable when you're still alive. I'm curious, have you downloaded the app yet and used the app 2 app with some friends?