Opbeat for Node.js

Simple application monitoring for developers

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Thanks for hunting us @producthunt! Opbeat is simple application monitoring, built for developers, and we're stoked to now launch support for Node.js!
Hey Rasmus! Beautiful website and looks like a great dashboard. This, to me, is in a pretty crowded space. How is Opbeat different?
@jonathankau Thanks :) Great design and simplicity is key to us - and a differentiator in regards to services like New Relic. Another key point is our Git integration. Opbeat maps production issues (metrics and errors) to the developers who wrote the code, resulting in much faster debugging. We think this is essential to any application monitoring service that is built for modern development teams where developers both code and deploy.
@makwarth @jonathankau I don't personally use Opbeat, but I've seen a pretty in depth demonstration of it (by the CTO himself, that is) and the git integration is absolutely mind blowingly good. If I ever write a Node.js backend I'm using Opbeat, without hesitation.
@mxstbr @jonathankau That's awesome to hear, Max! :)
Need a Node.js invite code. Why make it difficult for people to start using it? I'd suggest making a master key invite code here for other makers
@ryanlelek We'll make sure to get invite codes to all hunters on the waiting list asap!