Opal Nugget Ice Machine

Finally, an affordable nugget ice maker for your home.

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Taylor Dawson
Taylor DawsonMaker@j_taylordawson · Product Evangelist, FirstBuild
We were excited to launch this product because we kept hearing stories from people who drive to Sonic to pick up a bag of ice on the weekend. In my experience, when you find people engaging in an odd behavior, that's the signal that there is an opportunity. Excited to see nearly $1.5M in sales on Indiegogo validating that the product was needed.
Greg Hundermark
Greg Hundermark@ghundermark · English Teacher, Pequea Valley SD
@j_taylordawson Hi Taylor. I discovered the Opal right here on ProductHunt & am ready to make a purchase. Would you be willing to provide a coupon code for Product Hunters to bring the cost down a little bit? Thank you for your consideration!
Rachel Diamond
Rachel DiamondHunter@dintheruff88 · Special Projects Lead, Indiegogo
Opal is the first consumer grade Nugget Ice machine. Created with the help of the FirstBuild community, Opal will finally bring beloved nugget ice directly to homes around the country. FirstBuild is a GE-backed organization that is aimed at turning community driven ideas into reality. Opal is the second FirstBuild product launched on Indiegogo, the first being Paragon which raised 300k in February. A nugget ice cocktail sounds pretty nice even in the non-summers of SF...
Willie Litvack
Willie Litvack@willielit · CEO, SquadUP
@dintheruff88 This is awesome! Thanks for sharing Rachel!!! :)