Opacity Storage

Private encrypted file storage, powered by crypto.

Zero-knowledge cloud storage at its finest. Opacity offers an authentic privacy-centric storage solution where you are in full control of your files and who can view them. No personal information required using the OPQ Opacity crypto token.
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17 Reviews5.0/5
Great to see !Opacity on here. Definitely a new and innovating startup!
Very easy to use storage platform. No personal data is required (not even email).
Very easy to use storage solution with a top quality team behind it. Your account is accessible using a handle (Which isn't liked to you at all - no names, email address or other things are required on sign up) and totally anonymous. Worth checking out!
Opacity Storage is a private and secure file storage platform. Opacity uses the OPQ token as payment so users don't pay with a credit card which could expose personal information to hackers in the event of a data breach. The OPQ token is used to pay storage providers in the Opacity storage network. Additionally, since the OPQ token is pegged to a value of 64GB of storage, it provides a stable medium of exchange and value over the long term. When a user creates an Opacity account, they are provided an Account Handle for login. The account handle is a private key derived from a randomly generated mnemonic following the bip39 standard, the same standard as other popular wallet software. The mnemonic is created from a wordlist and used as the input to a hash function with a specified number of rounds. The result is the private key - Account Handle. Bip39 standardizes the wordlist, the hash function and the number of rounds. When a user uploads a file, a File Handle is created as a concatenation of 32 bytes (64 hexchars) of random bytes for the file ID, plus another 32 bytes for the encryption key. The file is separated into 64kb chunks which are encrypted with 256bit AES-GCM using the second half of the file handle as the encryption key. Those chunks are uploaded to storage providers through Opacity's backend storage nodes. The files are connected to user accounts via ECDSA instead of the more conventional email/password combo. Uploaded files are client side encrypted and sent in chunks for storage to split the files and improve security. Users can securely share their files using a simple url with anyone in the world. Current storage plans are available for 2 OPQ = 128GB or 16 OPQ = 1TB of storage.
Brings anonymity and privacy to data storage as well as file sharing.