Quick and 100% private video chat and collaboration

With oorja you can connect and collaborate effortlessly and privately with video, voice chat and much more!

Simply create a room and share the link to invite others. Add mini apps to you room whenever you want with a click of a button - synced code editor, chat, rich text editor and more. All synced browser to browser.

oorja is extensible by design, contribute with code at github!

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9 Reviews5.0/5
@uberakshay This seems neat! What are some of the ways that users have been using it? What aspect of this product are you most proud of?
@jakecrump It's really similar to appear.in and google hangouts. Only it is completely privacy focussed and developed for extensibility. I started developing this app in my final year in uni aiming to build a polished app end to end. I've been improving upon it since then. At this point I feel I've reached a state where I can share it with more people. So yes, I'm proud of actually being able to build a product like this from an idea to something (digitally) tangible :)
Great work Akshay!
How many people can you invite?
@danielkempe Since it is completely peer to peer, If everyone has their video turned on then I'd say upto 6 participants. Exceeding this it requires more work from each browser. This is for public deployment of oorja.io. If you self host oorja then you have the option of deploying a media server that does the heavy lifting, and then you can support more with extra features like recording.