OOPSpam API 2.0

A powerful spam filter for any content exchange.

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OOPSpam API helps you better identify and score spam content by combining the output of various tools such as machine learning algorithm, blacklisted IPs, the number of spam words within the content, etc.
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Onar A.
Onar A.Maker@onar · Indie hacker
Hello PH hackers! 👋🏼 In 2017, during my studies, I built OOPSpam API as a way to pass my exam (I ended up passing two 🤓). It was a backend and a silly android app. as a proof of concept. I made a landing page, deployed the API on Heroku, just to have it online. After a while I got a bunch of emails asking more features. People started to subscribe to the email list and so on. I decided to work on a new more accurate, detailed version of it. ... finally, today it is online. It supports the following features: ✅ Spam score ✅ Machine Learning algorithm ✅ Multiple blacklisted IPs list ✅ Language outlier detection algorithm ✅ Spam word detection The API is deployed on RapidAPI where you can also find detailed documentation of the API parameters and response fields, along with code examples & demo as well as Pricing plans. Also, please if you a Twitter user consider retweeting my tweet about the API. I don't have many followers 🥺 You can reach out to me via contact@oopspam.com
Andrey Bukati
Andrey Bukati@bukatime · CTO @ RapidAPI
Looking good! Great job @onar !
Onar A.
Onar A.Maker@onar · Indie hacker
@bukatime thanks a lot :)
Iddo Jonathan Gino
Iddo Jonathan GinoHiring@iddojg · CEO, RapidAPI
Love the API! Tried it with a couple of samples from Kaggle and it worked like magic 🔥🔥 (https://www.kaggle.com/uciml/sms...)
Onar A.
Onar A.Maker@onar · Indie hacker
@iddojg awesome! thank you very much!