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#1 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2016

Curated showcase of the best error pages on the web.

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Great collection. The 404 page is an often underutilized branding opp.
@omicaustin you have to check out The Social Ranks use of their 404 page. Make users think they can create their own custom URL to send to anyone.
@kwdinc thanks for sharing four-zero-four.com is now oops.re ... simple ✌️
@st8rmi @kwdinc https://www.virgin.com/404 Is one of the best 404 page I found...
@st8rmi @kwdinc Great collection Andreas 👌 You should check out this one too: https://socialwall.me/admin/404 ;)
Sadly, Oops' own 404 is not quite as attractive: http://oops.re/randomtest
@laef I think it is because of Tumblr is not so customizable.
Too lazy to submit lol, but slack.com has one of the best 404 pages
Just what I was looking for!