Play with the zOOOm and make mini music videos

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Hey, I'm one of the creators of ooo. We're super excited to be featured here, since everyone has put a ton of energy into making this a fun little toy for people. OOO is all about turning your camera into a toy. It has a bunch of different ways to zoom, and a bunch of original music to shoot with. We've had a ton of fun with all the combinations you can make and we hope you do too. This is a super early version, so definitely let us know what you like and what you hate. Have fun!
@brettbergeron If this proliferates more portrait videos, then Trump has truly won and the final step into the Idiocracy is taken. Please tell me, this also supports landscape.
@legerdemain Even if your phones orientation is locked you can make videos in any direction.
@legerdemain why would you not like portrait vid?
@magnusburton try playing them on your TV or laptop 😡
@illya_bakurov sure but as the media is more and more viewed on a handheld device I think the portrait mode is a gift sent for heaven.
Warning seizures can occur by the demo video and gif.
This is pretty fun hahaha, camera first is the future!
omg i'm having too much fun with this
@juanbuis glad you like it! :D