The unforgettable umbrella!

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I've lost count of the number of umbrellas I've left places over the past few years. Oombrella solves this problem by reminding you if you leave without taking your Oombrella with you. Also another clever feature is that they tell you when it is likely going to rain via their app (Apple Watch app in the works) reminding you to take your umbrella with you, which I like due to the fact it takes out one more thing to have to check/stress about doing before you leave in the morning. @cguillot_wezzoo, would love to hear more about your inspiration and if you have any future plans with the product?
@jasondainter Thank you Jason for hunting our project. We just went live on Kickstarter. http://oombrella.me/kickstarter Would love to have your feedback !
Great product! I have two ideas you may find useful to consider!: 1) Add-on to your existing technology to make this a height adjustable WALKING CANE/Umbrella for handicapped people & hikers! 2) Add a Light on the tip of the umbrella and a light switch on the handle and patent this first light on a stick/umbrella! I hope this was beneficial for you to read! Please let me know if there is any way for me to help directly pertaining to these new developments! Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 Add a USB charger, too, for charging cell phones, etc. I'd buy the HELL outta that.
@jay_bee12345 Thanks JB !! We need to prepare a version 2 then...
@mobilegreg @jay_bee12345 Nice idea! Thanks Greg.
@jay_bee12345 @mobilegreg We have to make it a combo...
Love the design and the forget me not feature!
@djeschonfeld Unforgettable ;-))
How interesting! I was waiting to see/wondering who would disrupt the umbrella. :)
@shalalasusan The unforgettable yet disrupting umbrella ;-)