Oogur - UTM Tag Manager & Link Builder

Stop using a spreadsheet to track marketing campaign links

Oogur is a marketing campaign link management application.

This easy-to-use application goes beyond the link. Build trackable links to support your digital marketing campaigns. See precisely which sources

perform best by gaining valuable, consistent Google Analytics campaign reporting data.

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6 Reviews5.0/5

This is such a needed product, I can't believe someone didn't build out something like this before now.


Consistent parameters for tracking, build in bulk across multiple parameters for same url, preset parameters


No Chrome plugin, yet. It's on the roadmap per the founder

Chris, your feedback has been invaluable to the progress of oogur. Your request of the Chrome extension will not only make your job easier, but mine as well, so I look forward to getting it developed asap. Thank you for everything!

oogur takes the very manual, clunky process of building trackable links and makes it extremely simple. As a digital marketer, oogur allows me to save time building campaign URLs at mass scale, which is huge. The end result is an organized and efficient workflow that makes it easy to see which type of content is performing best. I'd highly recommend giving oogur a shot


Easy to Use, Extremely Helpful in Organization


No big cons - it does what it says it'll do

Derek, You've been great to have on board as a beta user! Stay tuned - I've got your requests mapped out. Can't wait to add them and make oogur an even greater tool!
I’ve been following Nicki and her team since they released their first interactive tools. Now with Oogur, they are changing the UTM tracking process for all marketers. Oogur is URL builder to build URLs tagged with consistent UTM parameters. It is simple, yet powerful — and I can’t wait for you to try it out. Give them some PH love and let’s create a new world of track your activity ! 👍
@manish_vision Hi Manish! Thank you for discovering oogur! I appreciate you sharing this with ProductHunt!
Intro to me: First - I am really happy to have been found and hunted by Manish. I was just carrying on, commenting on other entrepreneur requests in the SiloNetwork app I installed on my iPad and he reached out and asked if he could "hunt" oogur on ProductHunt. Um, yes. :) I'm a huge fan of Product Hunt. While I may not upvote or comment on the products that I check out daily as a result of the Chrome extension, I love what this community does for new startups and applications. --About the product-- As a marketer, both for clients of my own and for a client I have through Torchlite Marketing in Indianapolis, I publish a lot of content - blog posts, social posts, emails, social ads... you name it, I've at least experimented with it. I also use the Google Campaign URL Builder to help with tagging the URLs that I share with UTM tags to create a more detailed look in my Google Analytics Campaign Reporting. Each month, I create a report web traffic report using Google's Data Studio. When I discovered that my reports weren't exactly consistent, I realized it was the fault of my own because I wasn't using the URL builder in the best way and I wasn't keeping track of all the parameters I was using. A lot of marketers use the URL builder and create UTM tags and they keep up with what they've built in a spreadsheet. I'm not the biggest fan of spreadsheets, especially for keeping track of content, so I had oogur built to make this process a whole lot easier. I hope that you enjoy exploring oogur in its current phase. I know the UI is not the most beautiful, but your feedback is appreciated in all forms. Please let me know what you think and if you know any marketers or PR professionals, ask them if they're using the URL builder and let them know about oogur. :) Oogur's FAQs: -How much does it cost? We have a free version a this time. New releases of the platform coming soon and will be available on a monthly recurring cost. -Why should I use it? Google Analytics doesn't share all the data with you from where your traffic is originating. Oogur helps fix that by allowing you to slice and dice your campaign URLs to help you with pinpointing just where your website visitors came from, which of your campaigns is performing best, and which sources are the most effective. -What are the current oogur features? URL Builder Google URL Shortener (soon to be replaced - because we were using the API before the announcement, our application still works) Custom UTM Tagging UTM Memory URL Memory Preset/Predefine UTM Sources Edit, Clone, Delete URLs Build Multiple URLs With Unique UTM Source Tags At One Time Lowercase Enforced for Consistent Reporting Import CSV of Previously Built Campaigns Export CSV of Campaigns Built In oogur Quickly Locate Campaigns With Search Feature

It's super simple to create UTM tagged links, and you can preset sources so it's easy to replicate and create multiple URLs for the same campaign with different sources.

Nicki has been SUPER responsive to feedback and goes out and asks for it. She's dedicated to making it the best product it can be. I'll definitely use it not only because it's awesome but because I know Nicki will continue to make it better.


Easy, clean, simple



Hi Jenn! Thank you for the great review. It has been so awesome to have you as a beta user. Thank you for everything!