A casual way to meet other foodies while traveling

While traveling in a foreign destination, it’s often difficult to find a good, authentic place to eat. Language barriers when navigating and ordering also pose a problem. With OodyMate, find someone who knows the neighborhood and let them take the lead!

(Android version will be released in March 2019)

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Hi eveyone, OodyMate is the first social foodie app for travelers. We consider food as a catalyst for building relationships with new people. In this app, you can send and browse meal requests in any city in the world. It is a free app without any ads. For those who travel, OodyMate will make your experience much more interesting and authentic. For those who don’t travel that much, OodyMate can still add spice to your personal and professional life.
@ouchu Food is the cornerstone of culture and it is my ultimate passion. I love this idea so much, doing a lot of solo travelling can lead to not experiencing it wholly, but even just meeting someone to try the local food with would give such a better understanding of the culture and would make it more fun!
@aaronoleary I am glad you like our idea. I am doing a lof of solo travelling myself as well. I believe this app will help people like us to enjoy our trips better.
Not sure how to use it, but it seems like a great idea and I wish you the very best! Perhaps have a screenrecording of how to use the system? Many thanks!
@hasan_diwan Thanks! It is actually quite easy, but yes, we are considering making a tutorial.