Tools and resources for naming things

Tools and resources for naming things, because naming things is hard. But doesn't have to be.

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I saw this on Twitter yesterday and forwarded to @andreasklinger for a top secret project he's working on. Well done, @leppert and @vanlancker. I like how you thought through this process thoroughly.
``` Mythology Some of the most iconic brands today are named for ancient gods and goddesses. #TODO ``` heh

To find a Name today is really, really tough. Even more if you schedule to be International (differences of meanings etc). You need a solid culture background, OR, you can use the Links ONYM provides you, the resources, tools. The name is Very IMPORTANT in success part of a product or company... Here you have the Method.


ALL the possible ever resources for Naming (product, company, website etc) - MUST HAVE (Ad Agencies, Freelances etc)


Don't know yet...