Widget to display apps only when you need them in the day

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This looks pretty cool ... is there an iOS version coming out soon ;) @saboradiversion I feel that I'd only use it for my alarm app though... However. If you were to be in a strict routine that you only look at emails between 10-12 for example then this could be a good way to get you to implement that routine easily. Was that the motivation here?
Hey Ben . To be absolutely honest here , i haven't thought about the ios platform at all as now. The lack of freedom to do it with the same approach seems a big deterrent . For my use case In the Morning - I have put up my news app , twitter , and travelling to be exact with the my office routine Afternoon is for that intermmittent work break i take at my office and seems a perfect time to play some game and read long Medium posts and reddit of course Skipping to Night its a streaming service and a game for me :) The primary motivation for building this came out of the effort of going in and searching for content manually . This as a tool provides me more engagement with my installed apps . And beyond everything - its helps keep app distraction away- I have this on my one single homescreen and along with an agenda widget and i am done for the day
@borax12 I'm not sure how difficult it is but today's view would be perfect. There is something very similar called launcher.
@techtom10 @borax12 todays view , can you explain
Nice and simple product. However, I would need this more on my lock screen.