OnTheRoad Bot

Share your arrival time with people you care about

OnTheRoad Bot is an easy way to share your ETA by car of by foot for Telegram messenger. Just type @ontheroadbot in chat, enter the location or the name of the place πŸš—πŸ’¨

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Solid little app to make coordinating with your friends easier.
@writerpollock Thanks for hunting us πŸ‘Š
Hey hunters! We are happy to share Ontheroad Bot, as we are using it on the daily basis. Not only when being late but when you need to let your family know you are coming soon with accurate estimate. Please share your feedback with us πŸ™
@nikita_martynov nice bot. I like it for being inline β€”Β so I don't need extra actions, just mention in chat and tell location. Tried to use on two or three destination places (by 🚢🏻) β€” too pessimistic in my case. Tune it for speedy ones :)
@artw_dev Thanks for feedback!
Interesting bot. When you will be ready for monetization check out http://tap2pay.me :)
@david_tap2pay Sure, we have a concept

Can't really understand why Telegram doesn't support this feature out of the box.


Simple and handy


No FB messenger support

We will plan FB app next, just want to improve Telegram app first. Thanks for review!