Onprint API

Image enrichment in any device

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Aline Paponaud
Aline PaponaudMaker@bootis
The Onprint API empowers developers so that they can write code to enrich, organize and scan images through the Onprint Platform, in any (web, mobile, connected device) application. This way, you can add value in the applications you are building, for example a web-based business card editor that automatically activates them to Onprint by creating a VCard using the contact information provided in the editor, a photo album editor that proposes you to upload videos and link them to the photos, without adding a QR code to the composition, a News application where you can flash the pages and get additional content, a Cinema application that allows you to see the trailer when you take the picture of a poster... Whatever... By using our API, you don’t have to add multiple tools, you can just improve the ones your building with the Onprint features. It comes with Android and IOS SDKs, code toolkits that make the developments easier for the most common operations on a smartphone (image scanner).