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Evgeny TsarkovMaker@etsarkov · Chief Product Officer
Onlypult is a set of tools for Instagram that allows you to manage multiple accounts, post photos and videos to Instagram instantly and in the desired date and time. With Onlypult you can also work with comments. A possibility especially for large teams was created to invite your colleagues to manage the account and post messages and comments without granting access to the Instagram profile. For those who don't want to use third-party photo editors before the publication, a function of resizing the images and using more than 10 filters in the service was created. The most popular tags in 19 categories that you can select with one click were picked to help attract attention to your publications. And for fans of sharing the emotions we have built in the world famous emoji smileys. We are constantly developing Onlypult and adding new features to make our service better and more convenient for Social Media. With love, Onlypult team.
Ronak Kakkad@thekakkad · Co-Founder - Growth Shift Labs
I am a user on Onlypult for 2 months now. Great API, great tech service. Swift response to issues. Allows you to directly comment to users, which I feel is great. Though , waiting for the picture tagging feature.
Evgeny TsarkovMaker@etsarkov · Chief Product Officer
@thekakkad Thank you for great review! :) We are very proud to have such users!
Evgeny TsarkovMaker@etsarkov · Chief Product Officer
@thekakkad P.S. Your suggestion is already in the waiting feature list.
Ronak Kakkad@thekakkad · Co-Founder - Growth Shift Labs
@etsarkov Thank you! Also, hopefully you have an option for a per account payment basis. I use only 1 account, but have to pay for using 3. Hope to see this change in future!
Great product! I would like to know how do you manage to post pictures on Instagram from your PC considering that Instagram API doesn't allow it?
Evgeny TsarkovMaker@etsarkov · Chief Product Officer
@nicolas_gg Thank you! For generating Instagram posts, we use Android emulator and in-house software.
Dima Grebennikov@ma1ish · Product Marketing Specialist at MacPaw
Good start and alternative of similar products!
Evgeny TsarkovMaker@etsarkov · Chief Product Officer
@ma1ish Thank you! We add new features a little bit earlier than our competitors :) Plus we have analytics.
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
Whoah, too competing apps on the same day. So how are you different from UNUM?
Dillon Morgan@dillonmorgan22 · UNUM - Design Perfection for Instagram
@romanzadyrako haha Roman 😉Well, correct me if I'm wrong @evgeny, but it looks like Onlyput is a designed as a B2B management tool for Instagram. The website and the product are wonderfully designed Evgeny! Great Job 😀Larger companies with a good sized team (think of hootsuite) will find their platform incredibly helpful as it seems really easy to navigate and connect with each other (so there is no duplicates/overlap!) While UNUM is more focused on smaller teams, start-ups and the consumers (think of slack) who want to better tell their story by making their feed aesthetically appealing. We wish Onlyput all the best! I think we're more of a compliment to each other rather than a competitor 👯
Evgeny TsarkovMaker@etsarkov · Chief Product Officer
@romanzadyrako Roman, I should say that our products are not the same. One of our main advantage from any other service is that we provide photo and video posting from our service directly ;) And I want to thank you for getting known about UNUM and aquainted with @dillonmorgan22 ;)