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A community to share rough drafts & improve your writing

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2016
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When I was working on Startup Edition, contributors would often share rough drafts of their blog post asking for feedback. I did the same and found it to be one of the best ways to improve my writing. Nice to see someone build a community just for this.
@rrhoover Definitely sharing your rough drafts is a great way to improve! We ran some twitter polls to find out about people's publishing habits and found that for 50% of writers ~75% of their drafts go unpublished. Then we followed that up with another that found for 60% showing a draft to just one friend lead to it being published 90% of the time! That's why we wanted to make this πŸ˜„ On a sidenote, we really didn't expect to be featured yet, we'd talked about not having this out yet as it's very much a "rough draft." Maybe it's good for us though, and will be helping us to practice what we preach! πŸ˜…
From the same folks who brought you, Only Rough Drafts is a community to share your drafts and get feedback. You can generate private links so only those you share your draft with can read it. They also lock posts if they are public after they get 25 views I believe. It's just enough to get some feedback, but not enough to go viral before you are ready. You can publish to the platform using the native app Rough Draft.
@nbrempel Thanks for the hunt and the great description, Nick! I don't think I could have said it any better myself, but wanted to point out that thanks to the Product Hunt community almost all posts get locked fairly quickly, so we'll be playing with the view count a bit. We plan to eventually make this setting user-defined, and allowing for posts to be locked after any combination of view count, comments, or a (forthcoming) feature: feedback highlights.
I wish this product was done as a google sheets add on.
Can this work for actual book publications or short stories? Will definitely pass this on to my coworker, who leads a writer's meetup
@anandp29 We're working on ways for people to share a collection of chapters and link them together. I've posted a few chapters of a book I'm writing, but right now it works best for posts/short-stories.
Interesting product but the design sucks. Something similar to Medium should be a lot better and could increase readability ;)
@nico_lrx Hey Nicolas! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your comment highlights why we are keeping the design rough -- posting to a clean and beautiful (some might say perfect πŸ˜‰) platform like Medium has an intimidation factor associated with it, we believe. In a way, we want Only Rough Drafts to be the scapegoat for you -- on a "rough" looking platform, your writing can be rough, and that's OK. What's important (as @rrhoover mentioned above) is to get over our natural fear of sharing our ideas, and just hit the "Get it out!" button and put yourself out there, get some feedback, and use that to develop the next draft. That and this is still very much a beta version / MVP / [insert your favorite excuse hereπŸ˜›] of the platform! Better days coming soon!
@playswithfood @rrhoover I understand thank you for your explanation. I will definitely give a try ;)