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Saxon Fletcher
Saxon FletcherMaker@saxonfletcher · Product Designer at GetVero
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Saxon, designer and founder of OnHive. I’m excited to finally share my first product with the community. In a modern workplace you might find 4-5 apps in use during an average working day. You have apps for team communication, project management, content creation, HR, and maybe something like Zapier that ties them all together. Each of these apps are great at solving one problem in particular, and thats the philosophy that a lot of companies are taking. Smaller products that solve a smaller problems. The problem with this approach is that for every app you introduce you add friction in productivity. Conversations become disconnected, content gets less eyes on it, and your team becomes less collaborative in general. On the flip side you don’t want to use clunky software that tries to glue 5 different products together. I started to think whether it was possible for a team to remain inside one interface all day. Could a product be designed that solved multiple problems in an elegant way? OnHive is my attempt at that. Its still very much in a validation phase and I’ve tried to keep it as flexible as possible before settling on a direction. I’d love to know what you think!
Daniel Mirolli
Daniel Mirolli@ddmirolli · Lead Sales Manager at @Signpost
Potentially a Slack competitor? Really love the To-Do Scrum and CRM functionality
Saxon Fletcher
Saxon FletcherMaker@saxonfletcher · Product Designer at GetVero
@ddmirolli Thanks Daniel. I've tried to keep it as open and flexible as possible. Realistically there is no way OnHive can compete within the team chat space. The hope is that the value of bringing everything into the one place overrides the extra features we are missing.
Really love the design and UX of OnHive, feels intuitive to use straight away!