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Khaled Naim
Khaled NaimMakerHiring@kentuktek · Co-Founder and CEO, Onfleet
Hey, Product Hunt! Thanks for helping us share what we've built. I'm Khaled, co-founder and CEO at Onfleet. You can learn more about our new route optimization engine here: https://onfleet.com/routeOptimiz... or on our latest blog post: http://blog.onfleet.com/routeOpt.... Feel free to post any questions or comments here and I'll be around today to follow up.
Ross Blankenship
Ross Blankenship@rossblankenship · Startup Expert, Technology Advisor
@kentuktek The @Onfleet crew continues to innovate. Big future ahead! ...Couple points that might help as you expand: First, would love to see the Onfleet integrate with a solid logistics company like @compology which provides the IoT infrastructure for waste management deliveries. Sync up with them at least for a conversation about their technology and for future partnership opportunities. (Jason Gates is CEO - an innovator in the industry). Second, OnFleet's machine learning technology could serve to be phenomenally useful platform for Enterprise and even Government enterprises in the future (think 2 to 3 years out), i.e. Onfleet for Electricity companies, Water, and Utilities - massive markets, 1-2 Trillion TAM. Completely different sales cycles, but worth consideration. Thoughts? Best, Ross D. Blankenship Partner, http://AngelKings.com
Matt Lugo
Matt Lugo@wwmld · Customer Experience/Operations
@kentuktek Thanks for the help!
Matt Lugo
Matt Lugo@wwmld · Customer Experience/Operations
Khaled Naim
Khaled NaimMakerHiring@kentuktek · Co-Founder and CEO, Onfleet
@wwmld Hey Matt- there shouldn't be any changes regarding the route lines on the map, but if you're seeing something else please email support and we'll look into it for you!
Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Onfleet​ is a cool company that I've been advising for approaching 2 years now. Onfleet​ now offers the first end-to-end delivery management solution that integrates route optimization, enabling businesses to optimize, dispatch, track and analyze delivery operations through a single platform. No longer do delivery businesses need export manifests to spreadsheets or re-import into a delivery management tool after planning and optimizing their routes. Onfleet’s new route optimization engine improves efficiencies by accounting for historical traffic data, real-time road speeds, and other data, and accounting for various constraints (e.g. time windows, capacity, time on location). This helps ensure that delivery windows are met and provides real-time tracking of the driver through the last mile. All plans come with a 30-day unlimited free trial. Start maximizing efficiency and reducing costs today by requesting a demo at https://onfleet.com.
David Kram
David Kram@davidkram · Launching a consumer brand
Looking forward to going live and testing this soon!
Matt Lugo
Matt Lugo@wwmld · Customer Experience/Operations
@kentuktek Wow, the route optimization is awesome! Thanks again for your help!
Sid B.
Sid B.@sideology · Founder | Product, Zuli
@kentuktek How does route optimization integrate into the rest of the product?
Mikel Cármenes Cavia
Mikel Cármenes CaviaHiring@mikel_carmenes_cavia · Co-founder of Onfleet
Thanks for asking @sideology! Route optimization in Onfleet allows clients to plan and assign routes in one step, eliminating the tedious import > export > import dance so often experienced when using separate planning and dispatch tools. Drivers receive routes in the same app as they fulfill their deliveries, and route changes are pushed instantly, eliminating errors and streamlining communication. Once active on deliveries, Onfleet becomes an exceptional real-time management tool, tracking every order status, delay and driver in your operation. Finally, delivery metrics are made available to you via export, API and as a group of KPI in our Analytics dashboard. In a nutshell, Onfleet is the only tool which combines enterprise-grade route optimization, dispatch/driver management, and performance analytics into one intuitive application. Hope this helps! For more information or to schedule a demo with a delivery specialist, email us at sales@onfleet.com