The easiest way for businesses to manage local deliveries

Onfleet's last mile delivery software handles route optimization, dispatching, real-time driver tracking, proof of delivery, communications, analytics, and more. Onfleet powers millions of deliveries per month for thousands of companies around the world.
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Hey Product Hunters! Khaled here- co-founder and CEO of Onfleet. We built this product to make local delivery more efficient and delightful, after working on various last-mile technologies for a couple of years. We've powered hundreds of thousands of deliveries for everything from groceries and cookies to flowers and laundry. Check out our blog post announcing our launch and funding and please let me know if you have any questions! http://blog.onfleet.com/
@kentuktek congrats on the funding and rebranding, we've had a great experience with you guys, excellent work
@arush Thank you!
Onfleet is a company that I advise, that just announced their launch and funding today. It simplifies local deliveries by making it easy to manage drivers and routes
@_jacksmith was this Trak by Addy?
@_jacksmith @daveambrose It was! We rebranded about a month ago.
This works anywhere with reasonable google map listings, right? I mean, could we sign up in Moscow, Russia?
I'm a little bit addicted to clicking the header! Lovely clean design.
@Khaled, this seem really cool. Does onfleet also provide a fleet of cars to local businesses? if not, are you partnered with transportation companies (uber, lyft)?
@Khaled @javaughn12 Thanks! Great question. We provide the software, not the cars. We currently assume that the businesses we work with have either an in-house fleet of drivers (most of our customers) or local courier partners (or in some cases retailers) with whom they collaborate. Onfleet makes this easy through the "Connections" feature. That said, we are actively exploring potential integration w/driver networks to provide the last-mile delivery service itself in the near future!