Onewheel XR

The self-balancing electric skateboard

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Onewheel XR is a revolutionary electric boardsport that gives you the feeling of flying.

Xavi Esteve
Kartik Sathappan
Scotty Mitchell
  • Kartik Sathappan
    Kartik SathappanProduct Manager / Angel Investor

    Really fun to ride. Great range. Learning curve isn’t that bad. SF hills aren’t a problem.


    Kinda heavy. It can be awkward to carry this around a store for example.

    I absolutely love my OneWheel XR. I’ve never run out of battery and I ride it every day. I bought it for fun and take it out to ride after work and on the weekends. It is a somewhat similar feeling to snowboarding without snow & you can ride on pavement, sand, dirt, etc. The only person I wouldn’t recommend this to is someone who is buying something specifically for a daily commute - I say that because you do need to think about balancing, even if it’s 5% of your thought once you’ve mastered it, on a bike it’s 0% because it stands on its own. So while the OW is great to ride and have a good time if you just want to zoned out and get to work everyday I suggest you walk or get a bike.

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Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
I'm a big electric skateboard fan, and Onewheel almost seems like it's in another category... And dang... it looks awesome. The size of the wheel opens up a lot of terrains that I can't tackle with the skateboard wheels. I've seen people doing tricks on hills, on grass and gravel, over curbs, so many things that I would never dare do on my board.
Robert Magrino
Robert Magrino@rmagrino · AquaBlast, ultimate aquatic punching bag
COOL! Can you order it with knobby tires and take it off road!
Alexis Houssou
Alexis Houssou@alexis_houssou
Amazing product! I've been riding it for the past few months and it's a unique experience every time