Onewheel XR

The self-balancing electric skateboard

Onewheel XR is a revolutionary electric boardsport that gives you the feeling of flying.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

I absolutely love my OneWheel XR. I’ve never run out of battery and I ride it every day. I bought it for fun and take it out to ride after work and on the weekends. It is a somewhat similar feeling to snowboarding without snow & you can ride on pavement, sand, dirt, etc. The only person I wouldn’t recommend this to is someone who is buying something specifically for a daily commute - I say that because you do need to think about balancing, even if it’s 5% of your thought once you’ve mastered it, on a bike it’s 0% because it stands on its own. So while the OW is great to ride and have a good time if you just want to zoned out and get to work everyday I suggest you walk or get a bike.


Really fun to ride. Great range. Learning curve isn’t that bad. SF hills aren’t a problem.


Kinda heavy. It can be awkward to carry this around a store for example.

I'm a big electric skateboard fan, and Onewheel almost seems like it's in another category... And dang... it looks awesome. The size of the wheel opens up a lot of terrains that I can't tackle with the skateboard wheels. I've seen people doing tricks on hills, on grass and gravel, over curbs, so many things that I would never dare do on my board.
COOL! Can you order it with knobby tires and take it off road!
Amazing product! I've been riding it for the past few months and it's a unique experience every time