A new world of rideable terrain

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Fellow hunters, why aren't you upvoting this more?! This looks incredible. I need to start saving for this. I've wanted a onewheel for awhile since hearing Adam Savage rave about it on YouTube and now I want one even more.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike CoutermarshHunter@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
I've definitely seen people commuting on these in SF. At first I thought it looked ridiculous. But they get to/from work so quickly. I'm now starting to think that these people are the smart ones. They avoid muni and get some exercise. Would love to try it sometime. Although not sure I'm coordinated enough. 😀
Stonly Baptiste
Stonly Baptiste@stonlyb · Co-Founder, Urban.Us
@mscccc no coordination need. Just need to be able to stand in place and manage slight shifts in your body weight. It's actually a lot less of a work out than it seems, but better (and way more fun) than sitting in your commute.
Maciek Bojczewski
Maciek Bojczewski@maciek_bojczewski
Looks so cool and I was looking for something that can resemble snowboarding experience out of the season! I definitely need one for my commute ;)
Greg Appelhof
Greg Appelhof@greg_appelhof · Founder - SPRING
My onewheel is my favorite tech.. Can not wait to to try onewheel+..congrats
joshua bradley
joshua bradley@airjoshb · Passionate about making life better
Always love seeing Santa Cruz based products hunted. These are all over town and look like a great ride, though not as "portable" as some other commuter options