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The clearest calendar app in the world

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Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
I don't think products need to make outrageous claims that they're the "X in the world". other people are building calendars also; I don't know that there's necessarily anything here that makes it the "clearest calendar app in the world"
Peter Molyneux
Peter MolyneuxMaker@petermollynew · Developer
@_jacksmith Maybe it is an outrageous claim, and it's true that there are tons of other calendars. Every calendar has its focus, be it speed, business, details, multiple views, integration with maps, cool features, visual effects. OneView Calendar focuses on clarity an to achieve this I created something very different. But you are right, I could of been less bold :) Hope you like the app though.
Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya@hvpandya · Designer @ Google
@petermollynew @_jacksmith "could have been"
Peter Molyneux
Peter MolyneuxMaker@petermollynew · Developer
Hi ProductHunt!! This has been my side project for the last years, and it's finally launched. It's a new type of calendar just the way I always wish calendars had worked :) There is a live demo on the landing page, a web app and an Android version launched today. Let me know what you think,
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉
@petermollynew So whats the story? what did you wish about calendars that others in the space were not satisfying?
@petermollynew Hey, doesn't look like a native app. What did you use to build this?
Peter Molyneux
Peter MolyneuxMaker@petermollynew · Developer
@wirddin the app is built as a web app. No framework, just drawing directly on a canvas. I then wrapped it up for Android using Cordova.
Peter Molyneux
Peter MolyneuxMaker@petermollynew · Developer
@bentossell well basically other Calendars never felt comfortable. I think it's the choosing views and turning pages that puts me off. A week view is great, but not on a Saturday, that's just silly. What I did with OneView Calendar is skip those old views that belong to paper calendars and just put it all on a zoomable timberline. And it turned out great :)
Legalcomplex@legalcomplex · Creator
@petermollynew I feel you, Bro. Calendars provide you too much information but not necessarily answers. Like, when and how much free time do I have today/ this week. Being alerted on appointments, with whom and when to leave, etc is fine and you don't need to open up your calendar to see that. You open up your calendar to see how much you have to do, and what little time you have left to do it ;-) I signed up for the ios, don't let me down, bro
Nikohl Laine
Nikohl Laine@nikohllaine · Ready Air, Compressor Service Inc.
@petermollynew This is a definitely the clearest calendar app in MY world and I have uninstalled more let downs than most... I am a multi-tasking business owner who does service call scheduling, marketing, accounting, banking and customer service across the board. I am also an education coach for my daughter who does high school via online from home. My life has 5 very individual schedules that could easily fill up a calendar on their own respectively. You nailed it, spot on, clear, clean and I have it on both my phone and my desktop. On a marketing note.... don't you dare change your tagline... it is honest by your experience and your inspiration to create a great innovative tool that is by far the clearest calendar app that again, I have ever used in my world!!! Good luck to you and keep creating!
Peter Molyneux
Peter MolyneuxMaker@petermollynew · Developer
@nikohllaine wow, thanks for a great review. It truly makes me thrilled when my app fits somebody's needs. I've got tons of great feedback, but this must be one of the top :)
Craig Feuerherdt
Craig Feuerherdt@craigfeuerherdt
Nifty app Peter! Loving it so far. One suggestion would be to make the left hand bar containing the date & hamburger menu smaller. It takes up a lot of space on my S5. A right swipe already reveals the menu, so the hamburger could be disposed of and then unstacking the text would provide more room. Just my humble options.
Dima Blover💎
Dima Blover💎@dimablover · Founder & Designer at
Great Idea!