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This is a merger between Co-Founders Lab and RockThePost.
Hello product hunters! I'm Alejandro, co-founder and CEO at Onevest. Happy to answer any comments or questions here. In case you want to reach out as well, my email is
@acremades Would love to hear your thoughts on how this merger will work. What will the process look like. Is it basically a new funnel for prospective deals?
@BlendahTom it could definitely be viewed as a new funnel for deal flow. Instead of just focusing on the transactional part, or fundraising cycle, now we go much earlier than that starting at the formation or idea stage of the venture. With this approach we will be able to serve companies that are ready for funding and founding. In early stage investing, the most important ingredient is the team. From our point of view, capturing deal flow at the formation stage will reduce investment risks arising from founder issues, as founders are scientifically matched on the site to create startup teams that will later raise a round of funding. Beyond being an additional deal flow channel, CFL adds significant expertise around "cofounder teams". Bc we view our long term success very much dependent on our investors doing well, and since ~30% of all startup failures are associated with cofounder related issues - the integration of CFL will also increase our ability to do better screening across the board - no matter where deals come from - so as to offer even better quality of deals to our investor community.