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Hi Guys, I am Vishal, founder of OneUp App. OneUp stores all of your social updates in categories that go out on a schedule that you choose. How OneUp App is different from Hootsuite or Buffer? Buffer is great for delaying & spreading content that have a shelf life, OneUp can be used to make sure your evergreen blog posts can truly get their evergreen value by automatically rescheduling your content to post. I hope you will love this product. Looking forward to your valuable feedback.
@vishal_kumar2 I think this app looks really cool! It reminds me of Edgar but seems to have even more functionality. Does it incorporate RSS feeds?
Hello @tese_omesan Yes. OneUp App supports RSS feeds and it can directly import your feeds to your Library. Cheers :)
"Because we're Fairy Tale...we're a family...yada..yada"....CUE MUSIC!!!
Hi and thank you for posting. I have 2 questions: 1) It reschedules evergreen content automatically? If so, is it based on an algorithm of most impressions? 2) how does it post visually on multiple sites? (I.e.) Facebook looks terrible with hootsuite and I'm not wild about it via Buffer either. Does it look like a mostly native post?
Hi @nassaraf , 1) It reschedules your evergreen content based on recycle schedule you will create. OneUp offers a calendar view where you can create a weekly recycle schedule. Based on selected time and day of a week, OneUp will pick content on various parameter like how many times the post has been posted, what was likes and comments on it etc. 2)We post natively on Facebook. In addition, we also offer white labeling. What it means - when any posts get posted via OneUp, it will show your brand name and not OneUp name. For more details on this, contact us on- Thanks for your comment.