onetool is the app store for SaaS where you can discover awesome new tools, access them easily with one login and manage all your subscriptions in one dashboard. Test every tool for free, subscribe to our exclusive plans and get only one monthly invoice.
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Hi PH, I’m Gordi from the onetool team. We are the app store for SaaS that will help you discover awesome business apps and manage them all in one place, with only one login and one invoice. We’re a young startup trying to solve the SaaS Chaos out there and need your feedback to make this happen. We currently have around 40+ partners fully integrated (e.g. Slack, Pipedrive, ClickUp) and many more in the pipeline. You can check all of them out for free by signing up on Simply add each tool to your dashboard with just a few clicks. We’d be unbelievably thankful if you tried us out and then let us know what we need to improve and which other tools you need :-) We hope you enjoy it, Gordi
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This is one of the best ideas since sliced bread! Having dozens of platforms and logins to manage this has been a problem of mine for such a long time, I was wondering why no one had created a solution to this yet. Out of curiosity: Are there no competitors in your space who have created a similar solution? Congrats to the makers!
@ryanchaliff thanks. Our competitors mainly try to handle this problem by crawling bank account information and then giving you statistics on the tools you use. We use deep integrations with our SaaS partners that allow for full management capabilities like single-sign-on, one-click employee on-boarding, analytics, etc.
Wow this looks amazing! I was already on board when I read that you guys offered one place to have 1 invoice for all our SaaS products but it’s really cool to see you integrate with platforms directly and users can signup or signin right within your portal. Thanks for creating this.
@biasijonell Thanks! Is it valuable to you that you also do not need to type in an account details or credit card info anymore before trying out a new SaaS vendor?
Looks super simple to use. Really slick and straightforward design as well. Do you guys have partnerships with video tools like UseLoom and Vimeo as well?
@jordej Thanks. We do not have loom or vimeo but even better alternative tools. For a loom alternative look for StoryXPress (, for video creation InVideo ( We have more tools in the video categories coming in the next weeks.
Just checked it out. very interesting, and might be something for my company, especially if you get more and more tools over time. Couple of questions: - Which categories do you see the most tools & use in? - I couldn't find the section of how I can manage my whole team. Where can I find it?
@skagarroum Thanks Skander. 1) We see a lot of usage in "tool basics" which means fundamental tools every startup needs, such as project management (ClickUp), CRM (pipedrive), Survey (QuestionScout), Video Conferencing (Vectera & Meetfox), Screen Recording (StoryXPress) & Hiring (GoHire) 2) You're right. It is not live yet and will be shipped the next 10-14 days. (These integration require a lot of technical work and we want to make sure they are all working for all vendors before we release them).