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#4 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2019
76% of purchases from Instagram Shoppable Posts are abandoned before sale. OneTap reduces abandoned sales by making the buying process 10x easier. It's literally one tap to buy via Apple/Android Pay.
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Damn! Looks like we were too 20 hours!
Hi I'm Ewan, one of the founders of OneTap. It all started when I was on holiday with my girlfriend a few months back. She kept looking on Instagram to buy sunglasses. But every time she found some she liked she'd get redirected to a website with a really long checkout process. She could never be bothered to fill in all the details, so she'd always give up halfway through. Seemed like a wasted opportunity for the seller – and her! So I thought up OneTap, a super simple Instagram checkout, which makes selling (and buying) stuff on Instagram so much easier. Think Shopify but a million times simpler to sell.
oh you guys seen the recent news?
Very interesting!
I just read Instagram also implemented this feature? Is this the same? I'm confused 🤨