Highlight screenshots of text and share them to Twitter.



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Max Wendkos — Product Designer + Other Things
This is Eminem's favorite app.
ian ownbey — Bumpers
As a piece of history I offer to you product hunt @goldman's original oneshot product doc
Drew Moxon — Product, Facebook Messenger
@goldman @iano My favorite thing about this is that it boils down to creating Twitter-native cards using the limitations of the medium. It's not necessarily "shareable screenshots" so much as it is "shareable cards, created via screenshot."
Jason Goldman — Susworks LLC
@iano @moxon that's a good distinction. One of the things I didn't expect was that it actually changed by tweet style. Having the card means that I didn't have to find the right quote and also that I didn't have to do as much contextualizing in the tweet. It makes me want to just share more links bc it's easier. So that's a nice unexpected benefit.
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