Highlight screenshots of text and share them to Twitter.

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This is Eminem's favorite app.
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As a piece of history I offer to you product hunt @goldman's original oneshot product doc
@goldman @iano My favorite thing about this is that it boils down to creating Twitter-native cards using the limitations of the medium. It's not necessarily "shareable screenshots" so much as it is "shareable cards, created via screenshot."
@iano @moxon that's a good distinction. One of the things I didn't expect was that it actually changed by tweet style. Having the card means that I didn't have to find the right quote and also that I didn't have to do as much contextualizing in the tweet. It makes me want to just share more links bc it's easier. So that's a nice unexpected benefit.
I've been using OneShot for a few weeks and it's excellent software. There are super clever bits happening in the background, without the app shouting LOOK HOW CLEVER THIS IS. The output is prettier than I could do on my own, and the process is more fun than just doing the default. Will own this little niche.
Hi! @iano and @goldman made the app, and I helped design it. Happy to answer questions.
Helloooo. Happy to answer any questions although I am on a metro north right now. This app falls into a funny category of not a company/no intentions of being so it is slightly opinionated. Happy to talk about whatever.
@iano tell us the story of how you made it!
@nbashaw I think daniel has a medium post that goes into specifics of the design process. But in December my friend Jason came to me (we both used to work for twitter) upset at how awful the crop mechanic in the Twitter app is and how doing the quote thing was ugly on mobile. I had recently left my other job so I took a month and a half to build this. We wanted to keep the surrounding text around the highlight intact, but help people do the rest was basically the goal. I still think it's a pretty niche behavior so building something that fit into the current workflow was important. Just take the current thing people are doing and do it a little bit better. I am 90% convinced that if Twitter app had a decent crop we wouldn't have built this.
@iano any plans to aggregate and showcase the day's most popular clips/links? Feel like that could be a more targeted version of nuzzel.
@kaz yes! I think that would be really cool. It would require us to prop up a server and seemed like an after launch thing (everyone just posts fake screenshots on launch) but if ppl are using it I hope to do that
@iano Do you plan to release an update with an iOS extension? Seems like that would significantly reduce the friction.