OnePlus X

A smaller design-centric smartphone

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Scott Ruona@scottruona · Marketing Analyst
It looks like a great phone, but it's pretty disingenuous to talk about "expressing individuality" when most (or at least many) people are going to mistake it for an iPhone.
Josiah Austin Gulden@jgulden · designer | prototyper | simplifier
I really look forward to the day when these companies' design teams actually start designing instead of just xeroxing iPhones.
Filip Mares@filipmares · Engineering, Skype
Mohsen Khalkhali@mossibat · IoT investor @ Iratel Ventures
So an iPhone 5 or a Huawei Ascend P7?
Kostas Xiradakis@kostgx · Product Manager at VivaPayments
@mossibat Lol :p
Filip Mares@filipmares · Engineering, Skype
The question is what the price is going to be?
Andy Zhang@yesokayawesome · Product Manager, OnePlus
@filipmares $249 ;)
Filip Mares@filipmares · Engineering, Skype