OnePlus 5

Dual camera. Clearer photos.

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Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
If only it could dual boot Android/iOS! 😽
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@kkdub in all seriousness, I'd love a dual boot phone.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Joseph Wood@iamjmw · Social Media Coordinator
@andreasduess - On my old iPhone 3G back in the day you could dual boot Android and iOS. It was like Android 2.2 and it ran horribly on iOS, lol. It was awesome.
Ricardo N Feliciano@felicianotech · CircleCI Developer Advocate, US Navy Vet
@kkdub Tell Apple. They're the ones preventing something like that.
Tom DownsHunter@tom_downs95 · OnePlus Community Rep
Hey Product Hunters!   I’d like to share with you the OnePlus 5- the newest and most complete flagship from our young global company.    OnePlus’ mission isn't just to build a better smartphone, but to constantly improve the user experience. To succeed, our smartphones are based on a deep understanding of users’ needs with every last detail refined to ensure it looks beautiful, feels great and performs just the way you want it to.    And so with the OnePlus 5 you get one of the highest resolution dual-camera systems available on any smartphone, with a 16 MP main camera supported by a 20 MP telephoto camera for stunning portrait shots and clearer zoom.    Packing the latest Octa-core Snapdragon™ 835 processor the OnePlus 5- with up to 8 GB RAM- is 17% more power efficient than the previous generation allowing you to run a large number of apps simultaneously without a single second of lag.    However, following the success of the OnePlus 3T, the OP5 will be sure to retain its predecessor’s hallmark dash charge technology. Giving users a day’s power in half an hour the new device now boasts a 20% better battery life due to its more power efficient hardware and software.   Hope you guys like it and would love to hear your thoughts!   NeverSettle!
Patrik Csak@ptrkcsk · Front-End Dev + UX @ Hoffman Academy
@tom_downs95 I'm impressed by OnePlus, but I want a non-gigantic, premium smartphone running stock Android (or at least as close as possible). I definitely would have bought the OnePlus X had it not cut so many corners. Does OnePlus have any plans to release a smaller device?
Tom DownsHunter@tom_downs95 · OnePlus Community Rep
@ptrkcsk thanks for the feedback! We are currently focussing our energies on the OnePlus 5. However, throughout the design process there was obsessive attention to detail and after 100 physical prototypes we believe we arrived at a final design which is functionally slim and a practical size 😄
Ghazayel@ghazayel · Journalist
@tom_downs95 hi tom, do you know any representative for the company in the UAE that I could get in touch with concerning the OnePlus5?
Tom DownsHunter@tom_downs95 · OnePlus Community Rep
@ghazayel we have customer service teams across the world who will be happy to help point you in the right direction
Ghazayel@ghazayel · Journalist
@tom_downs95 thank you
Yeshwanth Ravi Theja@yeshwanthravitheja · Software Engineer
The launch event of the OnePlus 5 was one of the most honest launches I have recently seen in smart phone industry
Mohammed Rafy@rafyasarmatta · All things Community @DoSelectHQ
@yeshwanthravitheja Could you elaborate? Would like to know.
Yeshwanth Ravi Theja@yeshwanthravitheja · Software Engineer
@rafyasarmatta The whole launch event was precise and to the point without any bragging. They accepted their faults with their previous version and showed the feedback from the community all along(Need not to say, they acted on it). I liked the format of the whole event. In my opinion it was very honest from their side which is rare to see in these days of pompous launch events.
Zach Dubos@zduboss · Building robots @ FTC
@getpeid just curious, why did you decide on this design? The Verge's amazing exclusive showed many other prototypes with different designs (I liked the white one that looked like the 1+1), but you picked one that looks like a reference design from your parent company, Oppo. I don't think it looks like a iPhone, but the similarities to the Oppo r11 are really hard to ignore. Any thoughts?
Tom DownsHunter@tom_downs95 · OnePlus Community Rep
@zduboss thanks for the question! During the design process it took more than 100 physical iterations to get the OnePlus 5 both functionally slim and visually stunning. While there may be some similarities design-wise on a general level, the OnePlus 5 and OPPO R11 are very different when you look closely. For instance the OP5 follows the design philosophy of previous devices with the Horizon Line. Also, on a spec level the phones are completely different 😄
Marcus Karoumi@mkaroumi · Marketing @
What a beautiful piece! Added to my wishlist 😉